Recognition for 30 years of service

Fabriweld Corp. recognized two long term employees at a recent luncheon
David Price Metal Services/ Fabriweld Corporation recognized two long term employees at a recent luncheon. Ron Nealey and Joe Wild were recognized for 30 years of service. Both employees received a certificate along with a personalized gift of thanks for their dedication to the organization and the community. Ron began his career as a machinist, working his way to Manager of the Machine Shop. Most recently Ron’s skills have been put to use for new product development as a prototype engineer. Joe has spent his career working as a Mechanical Engineer using his engineering skills and imagination to help clients turn ideas into reality. Chris Price, President of DPMS/Fabriweld, spoke about both individuals and the role they have played in the company’s long term success: “Without employees possessing the level of skill and dedication of Ron and Joe we (DPMS/Fabriweld) would not exist at the level we are today”.