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An interesting customization for this 300 Ton Down Acting Hydraulic Press system: This is a retractable door which descends during production to keep the steam contained. What can we build for you today?
300 ton downacting hydraulic press

Finished installing these three Hydraulic Press Systems last week. Each press is tested in our own manufacturing facility, allowing installation to run smoothly and quickly at the customer.
hydraulic press systems

Setting the crown on a 150 Ton Down Acting Press. More to share on this press as the shuttle systems to take the components through are unique and sophisticated.
150 ton downacting press

FUNAC Robot programmer created by FANUC America. This robot will accomplish this part of the build. FANUC has inspiring passion!
FANUC Robotics robot

Quality is our number one commitment, but customers deserve quality at a realistic speed. Our team is valuable because they often have no problem delivering both. Manufacturing, Fabrication, Engineering.
precision welding

Exciting watching this oven line and Hydraulic Press System come together. Crucial time is the end of the week, when we test whether the conveyor system is level from beginning to end, allowing for smooth traveling. Fabrication, Manufacturing, Custom Equipment!
oven line hydraulic press

On the other side of the manufacturing bay from the Oven Line, a separate Oven Line project is in its third stage. As the walls and structure are built in separate bays, this platform takes shape on the eventual is a footprint of the entire system.
oven line build

Announcing Allied Pedestal Boom System New Website

Allied Pedestal Boom Systems

Allied Pedestal Boom Systems, LLC is proud to launch our new website:

The new website features streamlined information designed to answer questions quickly and draw new customers rapidly to the very best Allied has to offer.
The new website details the popular four series of booms, including the bestselling PowerBoom, the ideal application for mines and quarries. Allied marketing officials realize a website is much like a convenience store. You want to get in, find what you want and get out. We hope we have succeeded in providing that fast service!
The website will feature a new dealer locator, allowing new customers to enter their information to automatically find the nearest Allied distributor. This is the only section of the website still in development. We look to have it completed within the next few weeks.
The website also features a news blog, updated on a timely basis with news and industry information focusing on Allied Pedestal Boom Systems. We invite customers to follow and read the Allied PBS Twitter account (@AlliedBooms) for an up close personal look at the construction of our booms, as well as video and other exclusive content
Allied Pedestal Boom Systems, LLC, headquartered in Norwalk, Ohio was launched in 2016 by David Price Metal Services. DPMS has been involved with Allied Pedestal Booms since 2001. With over 1500 current systems in the field all over the world, Allied PBS looks to continue the success Allied Construction Products began when they started the brand in 1971. For more information or to request a quote, contact Allied at or call 419-663-1048.

Hydraulic Press Manufacturing Starts Strong in 2017


Two 20 Ton Gantry Presses

Available space in Fabriweld’s 100,000-square foot manufacturing division, David Price Metal Services, is already at a premium. The demand for Fabriweld’s latest generation of hydraulic presses has placed a special requirement on floor space, both horizontal and vertical.

The first forty-five days of manufacturing in 2017 is highlighted by a 300 Ton Down Acting Hydraulic Press. This design includes a unique feature- the six zoned, upper and lower electrically heated platens. Electric heat is cleaner, safer and less expensive than oil heating systems that are traditionally used. Exhaust hoods are added to the moving platen to remove any fumes. Air flow rates are carefully calculated to ensure the proper ventilation for the press operators.

On the other side of the facility, three 20 Ton Down Acting Gantry presses have been raised and tested. The construction of such a large number of hydraulic presses at the same time saves costs on labor and materials.

Even as the manufacturing and assembly departments continue to run-off these presses, the engineering department is busy designing the next group of custom presses. While the bed size, tonnage, and stroke vary from application to application, Fabriweld’s rugged design, unique hydraulic circuit, and the controls package will remain a core benefit of our presses.

The Corporate headquarters of Fabriweld celebrated forty-five years in business in 2016. The Southern Division, Fabriweld of Tennessee, celebrates five years in business in 2017. Fabriweld serves many industries, including Tier I Automotive Suppliers, Construction, Asphalt Milling, and Food Processing. To contact a salesman for a quote, please call 419-668-3358.

Becoming a Fanuc Authorized System Integrator

As Fabriweld continues to grow the automotive sector of its business, Fanuc America has become a vital partner to the equation.  Fanuc America manufactures robots for manufacturing facilities to streamline processes for higher reliability, safety, and quality.

In 2015, Fabriweld partnered with Fanuc America, becoming a Fanuc Authorized System Integrator. The partnership has allowed Fabriweld to expand its core technology by offering material handling solutions and dispensing capabilities to its already established hydraulic press division.  The partnership has been successful for both Fabriweld and its customer base.

“The large Fanuc R2000iC Robots complement our presses and allow us to bring additional technologies to our customers,” commented Chris Price, president of Fabriweld Corporation.  “The majority of our presses have oversized beds as large as 72” by 140”.  The parts that are molded and trimmed on our presses are difficult for operators to handle and remove from the tool.  The R2000iC robot is an ideal solution for these applications.”Fabriweld becoming a Fanuc Authorized System Integrator

The integration requires Fabriweld to work with tooling company, our customer, and Fanuc. “Our engineers design an “end of arm tool” with needle grippers or vacuum cups for the Fanuc Robot.  This allows the robot to reach into the press to remove the part,” described Price.  “The safety this provides the operator, as well as performing the function faster, creates a win-win between the customer and Fabriweld.”

Fabriweld recently delivered four Fanuc R2000iC/165 Robots to a Tier 1 automotive supplier.  The Robots will dispense a liquid onto an automotive interior component. Operations began in August, 2016.

Blow Molding Machine one of the Largest in the USA

Fabriweld Corporation and David Price Metal Services vastly expanded its engineering and manufacturing footprint with its first Blow Molding Press Machine

True to the legacy of the Norwalk, Ohio facility established in 1971, this was not just any Blow Molding Press Machine, but one of the largest in the United States.

The machine’s footprint is four stories high and required 50,000 square feet of manufacturing space, exactly half the facility’s available property. In addition to physical size, the construction required seventy-five employees, over half the company’s workforce, mobilizing on a project that comes but once in a decade.

“For a year and a half, this Blow Molding Press Machine tested our ability to achieve the extraordinary and we nailed it,” explained Fabriweld and DPMS President Chris Price. “It was an unbelievable project, and it forced us to expand our thinking, engineering and manufacturing capabilities. We are known for thinking and building outside the box, but this surpassed even our own expectations.”

Blow molding press manufactured David Price Metal Services, Norwalk, OH

Blow molding press manufactured by David Price Metal Services & Fabriweld Corp.

Fabriweld Senses Big Benefits with Load-Sensing Hydraulic System

“Our customers are telling us our presses are the best they have ever operated. They like the fact that the load-sensing hydraulic system makes the press more energy conscious, more consistent in operation, and quieter. And we all like the fact that our new hydraulic system is
15 percent lower in price than our previous system.”
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Tim Altomare, Fabriweld Controls Engineer
hydraulic press systems


Sometimes a problem may not be evident until a better way is suggested. That’s exactly what happened when Eaton and a distributor Partner, Sentinel Fluid Controls of Toledo, Ohio, took a new approach to hydraulic circuitry on a press made by Fabriweld Corporation of Norwalk, Ohio. Fabriweld has relied on Eaton products and the hydraulics savvy of Sentinel for some 25 years in its fabrication of presses sold to Tier 1 and Tier 2 automotive suppliers and other industries. Among its leading production items is a massive press used to produce headliners in cars and trucks. The forming/trim press is a showcase of Eaton products, including vane and piston pumps and industrial
and proportional valves. The folks at Fabriweld had no complaints about the overall performance of the hydraulic system. Sure there were
issues with the press’ 10-volt command signal and acceleration and deceleration rates, but weren’t these just “normal” quirks?


Not to Dan Lindstrom, Sentinel’s vice president of engineering; Rory White, sales engineer at Sentinel; and Fabriweld’s Tim Altomare,
controls engineer. “Together we took a cleanslate approach to the project by analyzing how we would design the system if we could start
from scratch,” Lindstrom says. “The press was equipped with a size 8 proportional valve for 100 gallons per minute of flow. On paper it was the right valve to use. However, depending on pressure drop, system flows varied all over the map, indicating the need for pressure compensation on the proportional valve. “I was also concerned about the valve’s resolution issues that caused the press’ 10-volt command signal to have limited functionality. In fact, any command above seven volts caused the press to operate at full speed, so the customer stuck to using only seven volts and under.” The press’ relatively tight ramp rates for acceleration and deceleration also troubled the
project team. “The pump was set at 2,500 psi—a relatively high pressure—to open and close the press at a rate of one inch per second,” Lindstrom says. “As the press closed and the load on the system started to go up, more and more of … Read more

Recognition for 30 years of service

Fabriweld Corp. recognized two long term employees at a recent luncheon
David Price Metal Services/ Fabriweld Corporation recognized two long term employees at a recent luncheon. Ron Nealey and Joe Wild were recognized for 30 years of service. Both employees received a certificate along with a personalized gift of thanks for their dedication to the organization and the community. Ron began his career as a machinist, working his way to Manager of the Machine Shop. Most recently Ron’s skills have been put to use for new product development as a prototype engineer. Joe has spent his career working as a Mechanical Engineer using his engineering skills and imagination to help clients turn ideas into reality. Chris Price, President of DPMS/Fabriweld, spoke about both individuals and the role they have played in the company’s long term success: “Without employees possessing the level of skill and dedication of Ron and Joe we (DPMS/Fabriweld) would not exist at the level we are today”.

Fabriweld Corporation is pleased to announce the recent sale of its Asphalt Division

Since 2005, Fabriweld has earned the trust of the nation’s leading industries through quality, custom engineering and manufacturing. The Asphalt industry has frequently turned to Fabriweld for our reputation in designing and building strong, durable, and efficient components to the complex process of mixing asphalt for our highways.

Fabriweld’s Asphalt Division enjoyed great success over the past several years, allowing Fabriweld to experience great success in the manufacturing of asphalt products such as dust collectors, aggregate bins, conveyors, silos and feeders as well a vast inventory of replacement parts for asphalt plants. According to President Chris Price, the Asphalt Division took on a life of its own. “The industry itself has always been good to us, but the response to Fabriweld expanding into the asphalt plant replacement part service was stellar.”

Recently, Fabriweld entered into negotiations with a company in Georgetown, Tennessee to purchase the Asphalt Division. December 1, 2013 the JBK Enterprises sale became official.

Price spoke fondly of the relationships Fabriweld enjoyed with the customers and vendors in the asphalt industry. “Our partners in this business are great people. It has been a pleasure working with them and I want to personally thank them for supporting Fabriweld’s Asphalt Division with their business.”

Price also spoke highly of the JBK Enterprises. “They are aptly suited to grow this company and I am confident our customers will be well served in the future.”

Fabriweld is located in Norwalk, Ohio and is a custom manufacturer of complex machinery and equipment servicing the Automobile, Food and Construction industries.

Manufacturing Complex Machinery

Fabriweld Production HeadlinersFabriweld is known as the company who can get it done.  Over the winter of 2007 and 2008, Fabrwield built a production headliner system for an automotive supply company which created fiberglass headboards for vehicles.  Not a difficult project, despite the fact it was almost 250 feet long.  The twist reared its head when the customer mentioned the headliner would be installed in a trench in the customer’s facility. 

What’s the problem?  Fabriweld makes a commitment to each customer that the equipment will be running smoothly and manufacturing product before it leaves Fabriweld’s 100,000 sqaure foot facility.  If the customer says the headliner system will be installed in a trench in their facility, Fabriweld must mimick that trench in its own building.  How did they manage to mimick a trench to ensure everything fit and worked properly?  The entire production headliner system was built on stilts.  Stilts?

That is correct.  Fabriweld’s engineering team set to work, not only designing the custom layout and specifications, it also had to account for each section to be built a little more than two feet in the air.  No small task, but Fabriweld sailed through the project with ‘flying colors.’  The installation at the customer’s facility went smoothly, also. 

Fabriweld tackles difficult projects with the tenacity a prize fighter accepts a challenge from an undefeated up-and-comer.  We welcome the opportunity to prove our strength against the most complex machinery in the world.  What can we build for you today?

Fabriweld in the News

EatonLaunched in 1971, Fabriweld quickly built a solid reputation for designing and manufacturing custom equipment.  Forty years later, utilizing the manufacturing arm known as David Price Metal Services, Fabriweld remains a durable, reliable and cost effective pillar in the specialized equipment industry. 

Recently, Eaton highlighted Fabriweld on their website.  Read about our unique load bearing system here.