Becoming a Fanuc Authorized System Integrator

As Fabriweld continues to grow the automotive sector of its business, Fanuc America has become a vital partner to the equation.  Fanuc America manufactures robots for manufacturing facilities to streamline processes for higher reliability, safety, and quality.

In 2015, Fabriweld partnered with Fanuc America, becoming a Fanuc Authorized System Integrator. The partnership has allowed Fabriweld to expand its core technology by offering material handling solutions and dispensing capabilities to its already established hydraulic press division.  The partnership has been successful for both Fabriweld and its customer base.

“The large Fanuc R2000iC Robots complement our presses and allow us to bring additional technologies to our customers,” commented Chris Price, president of Fabriweld Corporation.  “The majority of our presses have oversized beds as large as 72” by 140”.  The parts that are molded and trimmed on our presses are difficult for operators to handle and remove from the tool.  The R2000iC robot is an ideal solution for these applications.”Fabriweld becoming a Fanuc Authorized System Integrator

The integration requires Fabriweld to work with tooling company, our customer, and Fanuc. “Our engineers design an “end of arm tool” with needle grippers or vacuum cups for the Fanuc Robot.  This allows the robot to reach into the press to remove the part,” described Price.  “The safety this provides the operator, as well as performing the function faster, creates a win-win between the customer and Fabriweld.”

Fabriweld recently delivered four Fanuc R2000iC/165 Robots to a Tier 1 automotive supplier.  The Robots will dispense a liquid onto an automotive interior component. Operations began in August, 2016.