As the leader in designing specialized equipment, Fabriweld Corporation oversees an infinite number of specialized projects, including emergency repairs and installations.  Whether you require precision machining of an over sized, overweight mass of steel, or simply need repairs or reconstruction of your food processing conveyors, Fabriweld is your last stop in the long search for a high quality, efficient and low cost design firm.

Here is a sampling of the industries currently serviced by Fabriweld:

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Automotive hydraulic press production linksWe are the leading manufacturer of Hydraulic Presses and Production Headliners.  Our engineers build custom hydraulic presses including trim, mold, dual gantry, and gibbs presses.  From 50 ton to 600 ton, our expertise in hydraulic presses consistently brings our customers back.  We also rebuild and refurbish hydraulic presses.

To learn more and see some of our custom hydraulic presses we design and build, visit us here.

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Food Processing Systems

Food ProcessingServing the Food Processing Industry requires a thorough knowledge and depth of experience using stainless steel and aluminum.  Fabriweld designs high quality, specialized equipment by utilizing a dust-free environment off site and free from contamination caused by the dust of carbon steel.  Fabriweld is proud to partner with some of the most recognizable food brands in the world.

To learn more of our capabilities with stainless steel and aluminum for your own applications, visit us here.

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Asphalt Milling

Asphalt milling drumsThe highly specialized and precise world of asphalt milling is dutifully served by the team at Fabriweld.  A staff of dedicated and experienced fabricators and welders are tasked exclusively with construction, repairing and rebuilding both the milling equipment and the housings.

To learn more about our capabilities visit us here.

Request a quote on rebuilding or repairing your milling drum, click here.

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Process Manufacturing

Process Manufacturing 3Production facilities across Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana rely on Fabriweld to design their unique manufacturing systems.  Whether it is to improve accuracy, increase efficiency, or build and install additional product lines, Fabriweld is the experienced partner in these crucial applications.  We also respond to emergency breakdowns with on site repairs or immediate turnaround on components.

To learn more about how we can serve your custom needs visit us here.

Request a quote or visit from one of our engineers, click here.

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