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With a design team built on the word ‘Yes,’ more than any other, Fabriweld is your last stop in the long search for a reputable engineering facility with the tools to manufacture at its disposal.  Here is a list of our major projects which can be custom fit to your special applications.  Call us to get started today!

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Hydraulic Presses

Hydraulic PressesSince the early 1980’s Tier I manufacturerers have relied on Fabriweld to design efficient hydraulic presses with quality and serviceability as the crucial pillars of construction.  Fabriweld’s reputation has led to exponential growth in press construction since 2006, allowing Fabriweld to reinvest capital into new equipment, a larger skilled workforce, and better technology in design and development.

The fabrication, hydraulics, electrical stystems, PLC programming, plumbing and finish coating are all completed in house.  We perform product tests before shipment- reassembling and installing at the customer facility.

To visit a comprehensive inventory of our press systems including trim, form, bond, gantry, dual acting, and gibbs presses, please visit here.

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Production Thermoforming Equipment

Thermoforming EquipmentFabriweld specializes in designing systems for fiberglass headliners, floorliners, acoustic systems, and a vast array of molded carpet installations.  We manufacture everything from the spindles which hold the fiberglass coils to the material handling systems which grip the fiberglass sheets throughout the process.  In addition to the preheat ovens and hydraulic presses, Fabriweld can also retrofit water jets to make it a wetline or other specific modules you require.

To learn more about our Thermoforming Equipment, please visit us here.

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Industrial Process Ovens

Ovens Industrial Ovens are critical components in the manufacturing process, and Fabriweld offers solutions to a wide variety of applications.

Contact us for more information on how our design team can develop a custom fit oven system for your production line.

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ConveyorsThe food processing industry relies heavily on Fabriweld to design and install specialized conveyors.  Fabriweld’s inventory of projects include vibrating conveyors, processing lines, multi-tiered exchanges, and custom platforms and access equipment.  Our unique experience with stainless steel- not to mention our off-site production facility to prevent contamination with carbon steel- has allowed us to lead the industry at all levels.

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Asphalt Milling Drums

Asphalt Milling DrumsFabriweld has been manufacturing construction equipment for the road maintenance industry for decades.  The prime example of our expertise is on display with the intricate design of the asphalt milling drum.  Removing less than a half inch of asphalt is a process relying on precision and accuracy.  When speed and efficiency is critical, Fabriweld gets the job done right so the orange barrels can be removed!

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Custom Vehicle Equipment

Custom Vehicle EquipmentThe road construction industry also relies on Fabriweld to design and manufacture custom vehicle equipment.  Retrofitting a flat bed pick up truck to an efficient support vehicle for road crews is a service Fabriweld has offered since the early 1980’s, when Fabriweld crafted custom truck beds for local farmers and government agencies.

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Concrete Polisher

Concrete PolisherFabriweld has a long history with the road construction and maintenance industry.  Stemming from this partnership came a machine designed to polish concrete.  Used in unique applications such as drag strip maintenance, where often removing a quarter of an inch of concrete can improve track conditions twelve fold, the concrete polisher has saved customers time and money.  Not to mention increasing the aesthetic appeal of an area without the hassle of replacing the entire concrete application.

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