Hydraulic Press Manufacturing Starts Strong in 2017


Two 20 Ton Gantry Presses

Available space in Fabriweld’s 100,000-square foot manufacturing division, David Price Metal Services, is already at a premium. The demand for Fabriweld’s latest generation of hydraulic presses has placed a special requirement on floor space, both horizontal and vertical.

The first forty-five days of manufacturing in 2017 is highlighted by a 300 Ton Down Acting Hydraulic Press. This design includes a unique feature- the six zoned, upper and lower electrically heated platens. Electric heat is cleaner, safer and less expensive than oil heating systems that are traditionally used. Exhaust hoods are added to the moving platen to remove any fumes. Air flow rates are carefully calculated to ensure the proper ventilation for the press operators.

On the other side of the facility, three 20 Ton Down Acting Gantry presses have been raised and tested. The construction of such a large number of hydraulic presses at the same time saves costs on labor and materials.

Even as the manufacturing and assembly departments continue to run-off these presses, the engineering department is busy designing the next group of custom presses. While the bed size, tonnage, and stroke vary from application to application, Fabriweld’s rugged design, unique hydraulic circuit, and the controls package will remain a core benefit of our presses.

The Corporate headquarters of Fabriweld celebrated forty-five years in business in 2016. The Southern Division, Fabriweld of Tennessee, celebrates five years in business in 2017. Fabriweld serves many industries, including Tier I Automotive Suppliers, Construction, Asphalt Milling, and Food Processing. To contact a salesman for a quote, please call 419-668-3358.