Manufacturing Complex Machinery

Fabriweld Production HeadlinersFabriweld is known as the company who can get it done.  Over the winter of 2007 and 2008, Fabrwield built a production headliner system for an automotive supply company which created fiberglass headboards for vehicles.  Not a difficult project, despite the fact it was almost 250 feet long.  The twist reared its head when the customer mentioned the headliner would be installed in a trench in the customer’s facility. 

What’s the problem?  Fabriweld makes a commitment to each customer that the equipment will be running smoothly and manufacturing product before it leaves Fabriweld’s 100,000 sqaure foot facility.  If the customer says the headliner system will be installed in a trench in their facility, Fabriweld must mimick that trench in its own building.  How did they manage to mimick a trench to ensure everything fit and worked properly?  The entire production headliner system was built on stilts.  Stilts?

That is correct.  Fabriweld’s engineering team set to work, not only designing the custom layout and specifications, it also had to account for each section to be built a little more than two feet in the air.  No small task, but Fabriweld sailed through the project with ‘flying colors.’  The installation at the customer’s facility went smoothly, also. 

Fabriweld tackles difficult projects with the tenacity a prize fighter accepts a challenge from an undefeated up-and-comer.  We welcome the opportunity to prove our strength against the most complex machinery in the world.  What can we build for you today?