What’s going on in 2018

An interesting customization for this 300 Ton Down Acting Hydraulic Press system: This is a retractable door which descends during production to keep the steam contained. What can we build for you today?
300 ton downacting hydraulic press

Finished installing these three Hydraulic Press Systems last week. Each press is tested in our own manufacturing facility, allowing installation to run smoothly and quickly at the customer.
hydraulic press systems

Setting the crown on a 150 Ton Down Acting Press. More to share on this press as the shuttle systems to take the components through are unique and sophisticated.
150 ton downacting press

FUNAC Robot programmer created by FANUC America. This robot will accomplish this part of the build. FANUC has inspiring passion!
FANUC Robotics robot

Quality is our number one commitment, but customers deserve quality at a realistic speed. Our team is valuable because they often have no problem delivering both. Manufacturing, Fabrication, Engineering.
precision welding

Exciting watching this oven line and Hydraulic Press System come together. Crucial time is the end of the week, when we test whether the conveyor system is level from beginning to end, allowing for smooth traveling. Fabrication, Manufacturing, Custom Equipment!
oven line hydraulic press

On the other side of the manufacturing bay from the Oven Line, a separate Oven Line project is in its third stage. As the walls and structure are built in separate bays, this platform takes shape on the eventual is a footprint of the entire system.
oven line build