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What we do:

Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. Our customers rely on us for a quick turnaround and high quality work at an efficient price. From initial design to the friendly delivery drivers, we strive to leave a positive impression with each project. Thank you for making Fabriweld our source for high quality steel manufacturing.
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Using Autodesk Inventor, our engineering team perfects each project before it is released to the shop floor. FAB engineers take a powerful approach to problem solving.  They provide vivid 3D systems or two dimensional drawings to effectively complete each project.

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Robotic Automation:

Fabriweld is proud to partner with FANUC America Corporation  to provide automated robots to our hydraulic and thermoforming press lines. Fanuc’s robots offer a wide range of options, both in capabilities and speed. This allows Fabriweld to design presses to meet strict output demands.


rebuild or modifyFabriweld has worked with many clients to refurbish or modify existing equipment. We work with the customer.  We listen to every idea about their equipment. Together, we find a solution for their requests.

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CNC Cutting

With two Amada Laser systems and a plasma cutter, our cutting department operates 24/7. The lasers cut stainless, aluminum and carbon steel between .175 – .750 in thick. Our Plasma Cutter has the ability to cut steel as thick as 8 inches.

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Machining - cnc

As our machine shop continues to expand, we are able to serve our customers to a greater capacity. Utilizing Mazak CNC turning centers as well as milling machines, our staff combines the CNC programmable precision with outstanding know-how.

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metal fabricationFabrication is truly an art, and our team recognizes this fact. Drawing from longtime employees with a combined century of fabrication experience, our customers return to DPMS for the experience as well as the pride which shows in our work. Whether you require structural support like platforms or stairs, or small aluminum casings, our fabrication department delivers high quality construction.

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Welding | RepairOnce the fabricators have assembled your project, our team of welders seal the components together. Again, the experience and technical knowledge of our longtime employees breaks DPMS from the rest of the pack of welding companies. We rely on our team to serve our customers efficiently and with quality second to none.

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AssemblyThe FAB Assembly Department builds the most complex custom manufacturing equipment in the world. We construct each project in house and ensure proper functionality for the customer. Following successful operations, our assemblymen then swiftly de-construct the machine and then reconstructed at the customer facility.

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Electrical Controls and systemsThe complex manufacturing systems of today all require an efficient electrical system. Our team of electricians build each system from scratch, giving us the freedom to design custom equipment to fit the needs of the customer. All electrical systems are constructed following the strictest NFPA 70 and local regulations.

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Finish Coating:

Finish CoatingOur sister company, Pinnacle Powder Coating, gives our customers the unique flexibility to choose from a wide variety of coating applications and colors. Powder coating provides a durable, tough finish which is often less expensive than a coating of paint.

Learn more about our powder coating coating facility and request a quote by visiting our sister company, Pinnacle Powder Coating.

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Delivery Services

Delivery Service for large equipmentDelivery is an easy option with DPMS. Our fleet of vehicles includes drop deck trailers, low boys, and canopy units to ship at the most convenient and lowest cost. Customer satisfaction is our priority, from initial design to the friendly drivers who leave a positive impression after delivering the final product.

We thank you for making FAB your source for high quality steel manufacturing.